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X-Rays Services Questions and Answers

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Digital X-Rays Services Near Me in Sanford, FL
Digital X-Rays Services Near Me in Sanford, FL

Table Of Contents:

What are X-rays?
What is an X-ray used for?
When should you get an X-ray?
What does an X-ray diagnose?

What are X-rays?

An X-ray is a quick, and generally painless, test that uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. The X-ray beams are absorbed in differing amounts as they pass through the body, depending on the density of the material. The body’s soft tissues (such as skin, blood, fat, and muscle) allow most of the beams to pass through and appear as a dark gray hue on the film or digital media. Something more dense, such as a bone or a tumor will allow only a few beams to pass through and they will look white on the X-ray. The fracture in a bone for example will show dark against the white of the bone because of the different densities. X-ray technology is also utilised in other forms of imaging, like mammograms, arteriograms, computed tomography (CT) scans, and fluoroscopy.

What is an X-ray used for?

An X-ray can be used to either diagnose or treat diseases or to confirm bone injuries or malformations. They can also be used to detect pneumonia via chest x-rays, and breast cancer via mammograms (which use a form of X-ray technology).

At Lake Family Medicine & Imaging we can use X-rays to identify:

– Breaks
– Chipped bones
– Dislocations
– Pneumonia
– Fluid in lungs
– Arthritis
– Bone spurs
– Kidney stones

When should you get an X-ray?

If you have an injury, or you feel that something isn’t quite right, your doctor may recommend an X-ray if they are unable to diagnose the problem by sight and touch alone. An X-ray can give the doctor a better idea of what’s going on inside your body so that they can diagnose the problem and ensure you have the best treatment possible.

Reasons that your doctor may order an X-ray would be to:

– examine a painful or uncomfortable area
– monitor the progression of a disease, such as osteoarthritis
– monitor how well a prescribed treatment is working

Conditions that may require an X-ray include:

– Bone cancer
– Breast tumors
– Enlarged heart
– Blocked blood vessels
– Conditions affecting your lungs
– Digestive problems
– Fractures
– Infections
– Osteoporosis
– Arthritis
– Having to retrieve swallowed items

What does an X-ray diagnose?

An X-ray might be used to detect injuries or deformities within a bone or to verify how injured bones are healing. They can also be used to detect lung or sinus infections, intestinal obstructions, gallstones and kidney stones, and foreign objects inside the body.

Specific situations in which X-rays can be used for a diagnosis include:

– Arthritis: imaging of the joints can show evidence of arthritis, and X-rays taken over time can help a doctor see how the disease is progressing.
– Osteoporosis: certain X-rays can measure bone density.
– Bone cancer: bone tumors can be seen in X-ray images.
– Lung infections or conditions: chest X-rays can reveal evidence of pneumonia, tuberculosis, or lung cancer.
– Breast cancer. Mammography is a distinct type of X-ray test used to examine breast tissue.
– Enlarged heart as a result of congestive heart failure shows up clearly on X-rays.
– Digestive tract problems.
– Swallowed foreign objects. Something like a key or a coin will show up very clearly on an X-ray.

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