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A Family Practice With X-Ray Services in Sanford, FL

In Sanford, Florida, the X-ray services at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging are available in-house, ensuring speedy and friendly service. Our radiologists use X-rays most commonly to address orthopedic trauma, like chipped bones, breaks, and dislocations. Precise and accurate imaging of orthopedic trauma is essential to the proper treatment of any injury. In the worst cases, poor X-rays can fail to identify a problem, letting it go untreated. That’s why our team has an in-house X-ray unit. We can control the quality and reduce the wait for results. The quicker we can treat you, the quicker you can start healing.

doctor is analyzing and clarifying images of the patient's lung X-rays

X-Rays for More Than Just Fractures

Several types of orthopedic trauma can call for an X-ray. With our imaging, our physicians can identify the exact type of fracture, whether it is a traverse, linear, or even a greenstick fracture. Our crystal-clear X-rays can help your physician diagnose a lot more than just a broken or fractured bone, though. There are several things X-ray imaging can help identify. The full use of X-rays is easier when we have the imaging services on-site because it does not require a trip to another facility. Lake Family Medicine & Imaging can use X-ray services to identify:

  • Breaks
  • Chipped bones
  • Dislocations
  • Pneumonia
  • Fluid in lungs
  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Kidney stones

Lake Family Medicine & Imaging’s In-House X-Rays

We take pride in being a family practice that also provides comprehensive services. The worst feeling as a patient is when a doctor tells you to go somewhere else to get the care you need. Trusting someone with your health care is difficult and going to a new physician often feels like starting your treatment all over again. Our in-house X-ray services allow our patients to get the imaging they need without leaving their doctor’s side. Also, having imaging services dedicated to our practice reduces the wait time for results, increasing the speed at which we can treat patients.

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