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Primary Care for the Whole Family in Sanford, FL

The primary care services at the veteran-owned Lake Family Medicine & Imaging in Sanford, Florida, is a way to establish a continual relationship with one of our experienced doctors. Dr. Kandavanam believes in an integrative approach to primary care services. There is no part of your life and no type of treatment that our practice ignores. With a thoughtful balance of traditional medicine and lifestyle advice, our primary care practice gives patients all the tools they need to control and improve their health. Your visits will be comfortable and stress-free once you have a doctor you know personally. More importantly, though, your doctor will know you and your particular health issues, allowing them to offer each patient the best advice and treatment.

Female hand measures pressure patient in clinic

Comprehensive Primary Care at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging

What does primary care include? It will involve a lot more than just a routine visit with your doctor for a couple of minutes. Our primary care services are very comprehensive. We offer a variety of different services during primary care. We treat patients with a wide range of health care needs, from youngsters who just need physicals and exams for athletics to our older patients who need chronic disease care. Lake Family Medicine & Imaging’s primary care services cover nearly any health care need because we avoid referring clients to other physicians whenever possible. Our most common primary care services include:

  • Physicals
  • Sick visits
  • Prescription management
  • Sports medicine and athletic physicals
  • Chronic disease and disability management
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Dietary planning and weight loss services

Get a Primary Care Physician Sooner Rather Than Later

Whether you are in perfect health or trying to manage a series of complicated health issues, everyone needs a primary care physician. Health emergencies tend to be the scariest moments in a person’s life. The last thing anyone wants to do is look for a doctor they can trust in the middle of a health emergency. Establishing a relationship with a doctor at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging will give you a doctor that already knows your unique physiological makeup and personal life. So, when you need a doctor, you already know and trust them. When you first establish care, your doctor will get to know you and learn about any existing health problems. That way, whenever you need health care for any reason, your doctor is prepared to treat you.

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