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How to Handle Orthopedic Injuries in Sanford, FL

Lake Family Medicine & Imaging in Sanford, FL has experienced physicians treating orthopedic injuries, but patients often struggle to know when to seek orthopedic care. Sometimes, it is obvious, like when you break a bone or start having severe joint pain. Other times, you may not know when a nagging ache has turned into an issue that needs to be examined by a professional. Patients are strongly advised to get orthopedic care for any pain that lingers after an accident or injury. Minor injuries can turn into debilitating problems when left untreated.

Sports injuries, bandaged knee

How We Diagnose Orthopedic Injuries

Diagnosing orthopedic injuries can often be a long, drawn-out process at other offices. To properly diagnose an orthopedic problem, patients must first undergo an examination where a doctor can assess the injury. The doctor often orders some form of imaging or testing to confirm or rule out potential diagnoses. Then, the doctor needs to go over those results with the patient and develop a treatment plan. This means weeks of waiting between appointments at other offices, where patients are left in pain and confusion. We have imaging and lab work facilities on-site at our office, so you can get all your treatment in one place and often in one visit.

Lake Family Medicine & Imaging’s Treatment Options

Once the doctor understands the extent of the orthopedic injury, they can develop a treatment plan with the patient. There are several methods of treating orthopedic injuries. Our office can treat some orthopedic problems with medication alone. Others will need the support of a brace or a cast to help the injury set properly. Some orthopedic issues require special injections that need to be administered by a physician. Severe orthopedic injuries need a routine physical therapy plan. Lake Family Medicine & Imaging handles any level of orthopedic care from medication management to total physical therapy. We also have strong relationships with orthopedic surgeons to whom we can refer you if surgery is necessary.

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