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A Family Practice With On-Site Lab Work in Sanford, FL

In Sanford, FL, the on-site lab work at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging allows our physicians to provide a higher level of health care than other facilities. By having a lab that is constantly ready to process various types of lab work, we can diagnose and treat patients’ health problems quicker. This way, your family doctor can diagnose and treat you before you leave the facility. Our blood panel will give us essential data concerning your health, like blood sugar and electrolyte levels. We can also perform a more comprehensive blood panel to find deeper issues like protein deficiencies and liver problems. We also conduct a wide range of diagnostic tests for common illnesses like strep throat and mononucleosis.

young scientist working in the laboratory

Lab Work Performed at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging

Our on-site lab at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging takes lab work before you leave our office when your doctor orders it. We can also perform tests that other organizations order, such as pre-employment drug screens. Additionally, we conduct STD tests of all types, including blood tests, genital swabs, and urinalyses. Part of our convenient lab includes diagnostic tests for a range of illnesses from the flu to mononucleosis. The collection of tests that our lab can perform will give your doctor the power to diagnose and treat you without sending you to another facility.

The Advantages of On-Site Lab Work

When a facility has to send lab work out for analysis, they are at the mercy of another lab to return the results. Providing our patients an on-site lab prevents the routine of going to another unfamiliar facility to get the test. You can wait while a member of your family physician’s team performs the lab work. Having our lab on-site also gives us assurances about the quality of the results we receive. We know the results we get back are reliable because our team did the analysis. Using our on-site lab is just one of the reasons that you should become a member of the Lake Family Medicine & Imaging family.

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