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Doctor With the Patient Examining the Report

Americans are experiencing a weight crisis. More than 71% of Americans are currently overweight or obese. And according to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity grew from 30.5% in 1999-2000 to 42.4% in 2017-2018, while the prevalence of severe obesity increased during the same time periods from 4.7% to 9.2%.

Obesity is more than just extra weight. It’s a significant risk factor for numerous conditions, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and certain forms of cancer — some of the leading causes of premature but preventable death. It’s also a drain on the economy and on personal finances, with an estimated annual medical cost of $147 billion in 2008 dollars overall, and $1,429 higher in personal costs than for people of “norma”l weight.

Here at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging in Sanford, Florida, Dr. Raj Kandavanam and his team are concerned for and about your overall health, including the health risks of being overweight. As such, we’re committed to offering a supervised medical weight loss program, one that will track you through your entire journey and provide medical, nutritional, and emotional support to help you reach your weight loss goals. Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Started With Weight Loss

Once you’ve made the decision to lose weight effectively, the question becomes what’s the best way to go about doing it? Fad diets, “miracle” fat-dissolving pills, and starvation scenarios won’t even get you out of the gate. And you’ll be gaining any weight you’ve lost back before you’ve even noticed it was gone.

Medical weight loss, on the other hand, is done under the supervision of your doctor, with all the resources he has to help you succeed. While the basic weight loss formula — to use more calories than you consume — remains the same, there may be hidden variables that can prevent your success. For example, you might have a hormonal imbalance that impacts your metabolism, or other underlying conditions that can make losing weight harder than it needs to be.

To identify these variables, Dr. Kandavanam provides thorough medical exams and comprehensive testing to identify any issues and treat them before they can sabotage your efforts. He has specialized knowledge about nutrition, supplements, and prescription medications. And he talks with you extensively to understand what your goals are, drawing up a treatment plan based on that information to help you achieve them.

The Benefits of Using Medical Weight Loss

There are a number of benefits of going through a medical weight loss program.

Considers Your Needs and Provides a Customized Diet Plan

Every time you choose a plan on your own, you’re always guessing about something. Does it take your health into account? What about your nutritional needs? Can you find any guidance if you get stuck?

Dr. Kandavanam creates a plan that’s easy for you to understand and stick to. He can reassure you that you’ll still be able to enjoy what you eat, but he’ll show you a better way to make use of the calories you consume. And knowing your risk factors, he’ll help you focus on lifestyle changes that provide the best chance for your long-term success.

Any eating plan should consider not just what you should eat, but also your food preparation abilities and your former habits. Many obese patients need to address their relationship with food, changing it to make healthier choices and maintain good habits.

And when you’re under medical supervision, it also means Dr. Kandavanam can prescribe medications such as phentermine to help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, if needed.

Matches Exercise Goals With Your Abilities

Yes, you’ll need to exercise to help shed the pounds, but if you have an arthritic knee, for example, high-impact sports are a bad choice. Because Dr. Kandavanam has your complete medical history and intimate knowledge of you as a person, he can make suggestions about which exercises will work for you without causing harm.

Provides Support and Accountability

When you’re part of the Lake Family Medicine & Imaging medical weight loss program, you have a built-in support network, both for accessing resources and for emotional encouragement. More than just cheering you on, though, we provide accountability. At each appointment, we check your weight and your progress toward your long-term goal. If you’ve hit a plateau, we can adjust the treatment plan. And if you’re trying to self-sabotage, we can put you back on the right track.

If you need to lose a lot of weight, it’s best not to do it alone; a medical weight loss program provides all the components to make sure you’re safe, healthy, and on track. To find out more about our program, or to schedule a consultation, give our office a call at 407-232-7655, or book online. A slimmer, healthier you is waiting.