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The Beginning

In the beginning, there were two very intelligent beings, let’s call them geniuses. One of their names was Willyam Cardenas and the other was Dr. Raj Kandavanam. The day they met Will was interviewing for the RT position at the Leesburg Urgent care. Will was introduced to Dr.Raj and just kept it real with him and said “What’s up man? Nice to meet you.”

After he was hired, Will and Dr. Raj talked more and started to get to know each other. Will saw that it was evident that Dr. Raj was a very talented physician and the best overall at the urgent care with fewer comebacks and the most knowledge. Over the next few months, Dr. Raj and Will developed a friendship and started to talk about more serious and personal beliefs.

doctor running CT scan from control room at hospital

A Million Dollar Idea

It was a relief for Will to find someone he can have intellectual conversations with but also be relaxed and talk nonsense with. Once both of their guards were down (and because of Will’s ADHD and constant urge to think outside the box), Will had a brilliant idea and was excited to share it. Who was better to share this with other than his newfound friend?

Will walked up to Dr. Raj and said “ Hey man! I have a million-dollar idea! Let’s start our own clinic with imaging in-house.” Dr. Raj listened to Will’s ideas and had some of his own but was a bit apprehensive and let the idea marinate for a few weeks. After what seemed like a month, Dr. Raj randomly said “Hey man! Were you serious about that business?”

After that day, they got to work and the rest is history!

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